INTERTWINED THROUGHOUT THE memoir, Paul’s writing is full of insight, revealing a depth that few who knew him would recognize. The inspiration for the memoir’s title came from Paul’s poem, Pleading with Gravity.

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Oh gravity why do you blind me with your wicked, ill-fated tempers? Every time I attempt a climb up and out of your crippling power, You welcome me with a fall from grace, back to your cold ground. Am I destined to your chains? Am I a part of your city sidewalk, in a puddle of beer and cracked glass? Do you contain my prayers so they’ll never reach the maker? Do you intercept these wishes and hide them? I want to sing and climb on stars, gravity. I want to do a handstand on the moon and dip my feet in the pacific. I want to cover miles to grasp a notion of what infinity means. I want to cover my dreams in ink and repel you with my pen. I want to hide in my poem and sleep with my own inspiration. But I’m stuck here with you gravity. And I’m bearing your weight for you.